University of California, Berkeley

Computer Science, BA

Applied Mathematics (Data Science concentration), BA

Certificate In Entrepreneurship and Technology

2020 - 2023
GPA: 3.9

Berkeley, CA

  • Relevant courses: Data Science, Computer Programs, Data Structures, Computer Architecture, Efficient Algorithm, Database, Artificial Intelligence, Discrete Math, Advanced Probability, Real Analysis, Abstract Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra

Irvine Valley College

2018 - 2020
GPA: 4.0

Irvine, CA

  • Relevant courses: Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Discrete Math, Python Programming, College Writing

Northwood High School

2017 - 2020
GPA: 3.9

Irvine, CA

  • AP courses: Calculus BC, Physics C: Mechanics, Physics C: E&M, Computer Science, Statistics, Art History, English Literature, Chemistry, Environmental Science, US Government, Biology

Business Experience

MiraclePlus (former Y Combinator China)


2021.8 - Present

Bay Area

  • Deal sourcing and conduct due diligence on early-stage technical start-ups in the Bay Area


Speaker Outreach

2021.8 - Present

Berkeley, CA

  • Reach out to 1200+ potential guest speakers and finalize a lineup of 15 renowned tech executives for the annual DECODE conference

AI Universe

Marketing Intern

Technical Advisor

2021.2 - 2021.6

Beijing, China

  • Conduct market research for the current AI (Artificial Intelligence) and CV (Computer Vision) start-ups in China
  • Explore the application of computer vision in industrial inspection in the Chinese market, and draw customer portraits
  • Assist in the design and development of visual detection software refactoring using C++ Qt framework


Project Advisor

2021.1 - 2021.5

Berkeley, CA

  • Design a guided structure to help ideate, implement, accelerate start-up ideas
  • Host weekly meetings and give feedback to project teams for older and new memebers at E@B

O2IT (Out of the Ivory Tower)

Business Development Lead

2020.7 - 2020.9

Irvine, CA

  • Pre-seed round start-up; multi-media research paper platform; “Bloomberg of academia”
  • Recruited to a team of 10 people; conducted idea validation, market research, financial projections, pitch deck



2020.4 - 2020.10

Irvine, CA

  • Developed contest website for Gatherhands
  • Designed rules for courses collection contests to improve the quality of education for students in SOS Children’s Villages
  • Completed copywriting about situations in SOS Villages, contest rules



2020.5 - 2020.8

Berkeley, CA

  • Designed Figma iOS prototype of Bearfoot, a college safe-walk services through walking partners at Cal


  • Entrepreneurs@Berkeley - Sep 2020 - Present
  • Chinese Finance Club - Oct 2021 - Present
  • DECODE - Sep 2021 - Present
  • IUSM @ Berkeley - Sep 2020 - Present
  • Ecode @ Berkeley - Sep 2020 - May 2021
  • Datagood @ Berkeley - Sep 2020 - Dec 2020

Technical Experience

Baidu AI

Incoming Technical Product Manager

2022 Spring


  • Work with Baidu PaddlePaddle, the number one deep learning platform in China
  • Working direction: Large-scale distributed model training and scientific computing

DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory

Machine Learning Researcher

2021.9 - Present

Berkeley, CA

  • Work with Dr. Suya You
  • Research aims to develop a novel AI-driven model synthesis approach for generating high-quality ML synthetic data using advanced deep learning techniques, particularly deep generative networks and geometric deep learning

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory &
University of California San Francisco

Student Researcher

2021.5 - Present

Berkeley, CA

  • Work with Dr. Christoph Kirst
  • Research Topic: Transformer artificial neural networks for the analysis of neuronal activity of interacting brain regions
  • Develop ML pipeline and implement multi-head attention mechanism of a time series transformer using PyTorch
  • Visualize the errors, attentions, and internal vector structures of the transformers (K,Q,V,R) using Matplotlib
  • Study transformer behaviors on Hopfield network, Lorenz system, Wilson-cowan models, Kuramato systems, Anti-hebbian systems

University of California San Francisco

Student Intern

2021.5 - Present

San Francisco, CA

  • Work with Dr. Manju Sharma and Dr. Jose Ramos-Mendez
  • Conduct Monte Carlo simulation on medical radiations using TOPAS (Geant4 Simulation Toolkit)
  • Develop algorithms and pipelines to process DICOM CT images and categorize contours using Python


VP of Internal Product Committee

2021.5 - Present

Berkeley, CA

  • Lead a team of developers working on various internal projects such as club website, SEO, all-member database, etc.

Product Team Committee Officer

2021.1 - 2020.5

Berkeley, CA

  • Update and redeploy Entrepreneurs@Berkeley website; added headline images, all the members, projects, and fixed minor bugs to fit the mobile view
  • Develop a mentorship platform allowing members request feedback & connect mentors using Django and frontend html, css, js, bootstrap, jquery
  • Develop a group scheduler that matches all member’s time and provides the optimal meeting time using Django

Berkeley Innovation X-Lab &
Colt Technology Services

Student Intern

2021.5 - 2021.9

Berkeley, CA

  • Topic: The Use of AI for Network Automation and Network Optimization
  • Developed algorithms to optimize network bandwidth and delay based on network traffic for AR/VR applications
  • Developed iterations of UI demos to help visualize the input, output, and bandwidth using Streamlit and Anvil

NASA L'SPACE Proposal Writing & Evaluation Experience Academy


2020.1 - 2020.5


  • Learning to effectively write a concept proposal that aligns with 2020 NASA Technology Taxonomy and turns innovative ideas into reality
  • Gaining experience in the process of writing, reviewing, and scoring proposals through the lens of a NASA reviewer. (In collaboration with Marshall SFC Chief Technologist, John Dankanich)

IUSM @ Berkeley

Full-Stack Developer

2020.12 - 2020.5

Berkeley, CA

  • Develop a forum using MERN stack for IUSM at Berkeley that allows members to chat and share posts
  • Added frontend color schemes, logo, time stamp using React; posts editing, like options, Github and Google authentication using Express.js and Node.js (Server.js, Passport.js)

Ecode @ Berkeley

Frontend Developer

2020.8 - 2020.5

Berkeley, CA

  • Design the code the landing page using divi builder for 350 Bay Area, a non-profit organization that combats climate change in San Francisco Bay Area

NASA L’Space Mission Concept Academy

Computer Engineer

2020.8 - 2020.12


  • Conducted research, Computer Aided Design, and designed landing systems/subsystems for a mission concept that investigates Saturn’s moon Enceladus’ Tiger Stripe region and search for potential life forms
  • Completed a 117 pages Preliminary Design Review including EDL maneuver, lander design, and payload design

Berkeley EECS Department

Academic Intern

2020.8 - 2020.12

Berkeley, CA

  • Facilitated small-group discussions of 30 students in CS 70: Discrete Math and Probability Theory

Irvine CubeSat

Power Team Coding Lead

2018.9 - 2020.3

Irvine, CA

  • Launched Irvine 01 (JPL camera), Irvine 02 (proportion), and passed NASA design review for Irvine 04
  • Calculated and designed power budgets; controlled solar panels using Python and Rust; simulated Irvine 10’s Mars landing trajectory using Systems Tool Kit